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Newspapers are a valuable source of information for obituary and obituaries related information. People looking for obituaries often search the local newspapers in the city where the individual died, so we have listed the obituary sections for all of the states.

Unfortunately, most newspapers do not maintain good obituary archives and do not provide free obituary searches, so we have also recommended the following historical newspapers and obituary searches that will help you find obituary and death related information you are searching for.

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This page serves as a resource to help you quickly locate obituaries in the major and local newspapers for all of the fifty states and the District of Columbia. Navigate to your state using either the drop-down above, the state map, or the list of links to the left of this box.

Newspapers are an important resource for obtaining obituary information. As the Internet has become ubiquitous, newspapers are increasingly offering better online obituary archives. Browsing through newspaper obituaries is just one way to help you locate a long lost relative or loved one.