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Welcome to the Georgia obituaries page, where you will find links, databases, and resources that will help you find obituaries and vital records related information. If you are looking to find a copy of a specific obituary, biographic/public records data, or a copy of the official death certificate from person who died in Georgia, then please follow the following steps:


1 Search the Local Newspapers Archives
Once you have the name, place, and date of death then you can search the local newspapers archives for a copy of the obituary posting. You can access our free list of all the newspapers and their obituary sections for the state of Georgia.
2 Search other Free and Paid Resources
If you do not want to search the local newspapers, then we recommend the following resources and companies, who can provide this information. Many offer both free and paid services which can you help you find obituary and biographic information.
3 Get an Official Death Certificate
If you are looking for an official copy of a death certificate then please read the specific instructions of how to order death certificates.
4 Further Genealogical Research
If you are a genealogist, we also have aggregated a list of genealogy resources by state. You can try these genealogy focused resources, which are organized by county and state.

Search Tools and Resources

Instruction for obtaining a copy of a Georgia Death Certificate

To order Death Certificates you can contact the Georgia Department of Vital Records which is listed below. If you want to order online you can use the following link to order a death certificate.

Death Certificate for Georgia

Event: Birth or death

Cost of copy: $10.00

Georgia Department of Human Resources
Vital Records
2600 Skyland Drive, NE
Atlanta, GA 30319-3640

Remarks: State office has records since January 1919. For earlier records in Atlanta or Savannah or other cities or counties, write to the Vital Records Office in county where event occurred. Additional copies of same record ordered at same time are $5.00 each.

Money order should be made payable to Vital Records. Personal checks are not accepted. To verify current fees, the telephone number is (404) 679-4702. This is a recorded message.

Directory of Georgia Newspaper and Genealogy Resource Links
Below are obituary resource links organized by county. Please contact us if you would like to add your site.

Looking for the obituary section for a local newspaper? Please search through our full list of Georgia Newspapers and access their online obituary sections. Click here to access Georgia Newspapers.
Surname Meanings Database


Georgia Death Index 1919-1998
Georgia Obituary and Death Notice Archive
Newspaper Obituaries
Georgia Obituary Search Engine
Honor Students Archive - Georgia Students
Georgia Obituary Collection
Georgia Marriages Search Engine
CemSEARCH - Georgia Cemetery Inscription Search Engine
Ancestry - Georgia Marriage Records, 1699-1944
U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880
North-Central Georgia Cemeteries
Georgia Genealogy Library of Files
Search Georgia Obituaries Amazon: Marriages and Obits from Early GA Newspapers
Georgia Obituaries and Data Files - Contributed

Appling Co.

Appling County Cemetery Inscriptions
Georgia Obituary Archive

Atkinson Co.

Atkinson County Cemetery Inscriptions

Bacon Co.

Miscellaneous Bacon County Obituaries - 1
Miscellaneous Bacon County Obituaries - 2
Miscellaneous Bacon County Obituaries - 3
Miscellaneous Bacon County Obituaries - 4

Baker Co.

Morgan-Hudgins Cemetery Inscriptions

Baldwin Co.

Baldwin County Cemetery Inscriptions
Milledgeville Union-Recorder Obituaries

Banks Co.

Banks County Archives
Northeast Georgia Obituary Search Engine

Bartow Co.

The Cartersville Daily Tribune Obituaries

Ben Hill Co.

Ben Hill County Cemetery Inscriptions
Ben Hill County Marriages

Berrien Co.

Berrien County Cemetery Inscriptions

Bibb Co. & Middle Georgia

Macon Telegraph
The Macon Telegraph Obituary Archives 1994-Present
Amazon: Marriages and Obituaries Macon GA Messenger 1818-1865
1850 Bibb County Mortality Schedule
1880 Bibb County Mortality Schedule
Bibb County Cemetery Inscriptions
Four Bibb County Cemeteries
Bibb County Marriages Book A
Bibb County Marriages Book B

Bleckley Co.

Bleckley County Cemetery Inscriptions

Brantley Co.

Miscellaneous Brantley County Obituaries
Brantley County Cemetery Inscriptions

Brooks Co.

Brooks County Cemetery Inscriptions
Brooks County Marriages - Grooms
Brooks County Marriages - Brides

Bryan Co.

Bryan County Cemetery Inscriptions

Bulloch Co.

Bulloch County Marriages 1796 to 1850
Statesboro Herald Obituaries

Burke Co.

The True Citizen Obituaries
Burke County Cemetery Inscriptions
Burke County Marriage Contracts 1843-1847
Georgia Obituary Archive

Butts Co.

Butts County Obituaries
Butts County Cemetery Inscriptions

Camden Co.

Tribune and Georgian Obituaries
1880 Camden County Mortality Schedule
Camden County Obituaries
Camden County Marriage Records 1819-1865

Campbell Co.

Campbell County Cemetery Inscriptions
Campbell County Marriage Records
Campbell County Obituary Archives

Candler Co.

Candler County Cemetery Inscriptions

Carroll Co.

Carroll County Obituaries
Carroll County Cemetery Inscriptions
Carroll County Cemetery Inscriptions II
Bowdon City Cemetery

Catoosa Co.

Catoosa County Cemetery Inscriptions

Charlton Co.

Charlton County Marriages
Miscellaneous Charlton County Obituaries

Chatham Co.

Chatham County Obituary Search Engine
Savannah Morning News
Search Savannah Morning News Archive
Savannah Morning News Obituaries Index (1920's and 1987-1996)
Old Burying Ground:Colonial Park Cemetery, Savannah, GA, 1750-1853
1880 Mortality Schedule

Georgia Obituary Archive
Chatham County Marriages

Chattahoochee Co.

Chattahoochee County Marriages A-M

Chattooga Co.

Chattooga County Cemetery Inscriptions

Cherokee Co.

South Canton Funeral Home Obituaries
Woodstock Funeral Home Obituaries
Darby Funeral Home Obituaries
Death Index for Cherokee County
Cherokee County Marriage Index
Hutcherson Cemetery Inscriptions
Cherokee County Cemetery Inscriptions

Clarke Co.

Clarke County Obituary Search Engine
Online Athens
Miscellaneous Clarke County Obituaries
Clarke County Obituaries
Clarke County Cemetery Inscriptions
Clarke County Marriages
Lord & Stephens Funeral Home Obituaries

Clay Co.

Early Clay County Obituaries (Directory)
Clay County Cemetery Inscriptions
1880 Mortality chedule

Cobb Co.

Cobb County Cemetery Inscriptions
1880 Mortality Schedule
Cobb County Public Records Search

Coffee Co.

Georgia Obituary Collection - Coffee County
Coffee County Cemetery Inscriptions

Colquitt Co.

Moultrie Observer Obituaries
Southwestern Georgia Obituary Search Engine
Colquitt County Cemetery Inscriptions

Columbia Co.

Columbia County Cemetery Inscriptions

Cook Co.

Cook County Obituaries
Cook County Cemetery Inscriptions
Cook County Cemetery Inscriptions II
Georgia Obituary Archive

Coweta Co.

Newnan Times-Herald
Newnan Times-Herald Obituary Search Engine
Coweta County Cemetery Inscriptions
1880 Federal Census Mortality Schedule
Coweta Deaths and Miscellaneous Notes 1828-1880
Tench Cemetery Inscriptions
Elder-Linch Cemetery Inscriptions
White Oak ARP Church Cemetery Inscriptions
Georgia Obituary Archive

Crawford Co.

Crawford County Cemetery Inscriptions
1880 Mortality Schedule
Crawford County Marriages

Crisp Co.

Georgia Obituary Collection - Crisp County
Cordele Dispatch Obituaries
Southwestern Georgia Obituary Search Engine

Dade Co.

Dade County Sentinel
Dade County Cemetery Inscriptions

Decatur Co.

Decatur & Seminole County Death Records Search Engine
Obituaries Published in the Bainbridge Post Search Light
Decatur County Death Index
Decatur County Cemetery Inscriptions
1880 Mortality Schedule
Decatur County Marriage Index 1824-1945

DeKalb Co.

DeKalb County Marriage Records
DeKalb County Cemetery Inscriptions
DeKalb County Cemetery and Burial Records

Dodge Co.

Dodge County Death Index

Dooly Co.

Dooly County Obituaries
Dooly County Marriages

Dougherty Co.

Dougherty County Obituary Collection
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 8
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 9
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 10
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 11
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 12
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 13
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 14
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 15
Miscellaneous Dougherty County Obituaries 16
Dougherty County Cemetery Inscriptions
Oakview Cemetery Inscriptions (limited)

Douglas Co.

Search Douglas County Death Indexes
Douglas County Marriages
Georgia Obituary Archive

Echols Co.

Echols County Cemetery Inscriptions
Georgia Obituary Archive

Elbert Co.

Elbert County Examiner
Elbert County Cemetery Inscriptions

Emanuel Co.

Emanuel County Obituaries
Emanuel County Marriages Pre-1840
Emanuel County Marriages 1817 - 1860
Emanuel County 1880 Mortality Schedule
Emanuel County Marriages 1817 to 1850
Emanuel County Marriage Book A 1817-1860 Index
Emanuel County Cemetery Inscriptions
Emanuel County Cemetery Inscriptions II

Fannin Co.

Fannin County Cemetery Inscriptions
Fannin County Cemeteries
Fannin County Marriages 1854-1903
1880 Mortality Schedule
1880 Mortality Schedule
Georgia Obituary Archive

Fayette Co.

Fayette County Cemetery Inscriptions

Floyd Co.

Floyd County Cemetery Inscriptions
The Argo, 1922, the yearbook of Shorter College
1919 Floyd County Death Index
1920 Floyd County Death Index
1921 Floyd County Death Index
1922 Floyd County Death Index

Forsyth Co.

Obituaries From Mrs. Roy (Alyce Roper) Redd Scrapbook - Alt. Link
Death and Beyond - Forsyth County Obituaries
Forsyth County Deaths
Forsyth County Cemetery Inscriptions
Amazon - Blood Kin: Pioneer Chronicles of Upper GA

Franklin Co.

Franklin County Cemetery Inscriptions
Franklin County Marriages

Fulton Co.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Obituary Archives 1985-Present
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Obituaries Index
Fulton County Cemetery Inscriptions
Oakland Cemetery Inscriptions (limited)
Westview Cemetery Inscriptions

Gilmer Co.

A Collection of Gilmer County Obituaries
An Assortment of Gilmer County Obituaries
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 1
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 2
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 3
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 4
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 5
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 6
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 7
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 8
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 9
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 10
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 11
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 12
Misc. Gilmer County Obituaries 13
1850 Gilmer County Mortality Schedule
1860 Gilmer County Mortality Schedule
Gilmer County Cemetery Inscriptions
Georgia Obituary Archive

Glascock Co.

Glascock County Obituaries
Glascock County Cemetery Inscriptions
Glascock County Marriage Records
Georgia Obituary Archive

Glynn Co.

Georgia Obituary Collection - Glynn County
Early Glynn County Marriages
1880 Mortality Schedule

Gordon Co.

Gordon County Cemetery Inscriptions
1880 Mortality Schedule

Grady Co.

Grady County Cemetery Inscriptions
Grady County Marriages

Greene Co.

1880 Mortality Schedule

Gwinnett Co.

Flanigan Funeral Home Obituary Collection
Gwinnett County Cemetery Inscriptions
Gwinnett Co. Marriages 1835-1838

Habersham Co.

Habersham County Obituaries
Habersham County Marriages
Habersham County Cemetery Inscriptions

Hall Co.

Hall County Obituary Search Engine
The Gainesville Times Obituary Archives 1999-Present
Hall County Cemetery Inscriptions
Hall County Cemetery Inscriptions II
1880 Mortality Schedule
Hall County Marriages

Hancock Co.

Hancock County Cemetery Inscriptions

Haralson Co.

Haralson County Cemetery Inscriptions

Harris Co.

Miscellaneous Harris County Obituaries
Harris County Cemetery Inscriptions
Hamilton Cemetery Inscriptions (limited)

Henry Co.

Henry County Cemetery Inscriptions

Houston Co.

Houston County Cemetery Inscriptions
Centerville Cemetery Inscriptions

Irwin Co.

Irwin County Cemetery Inscriptions
Irwin County Marriage Index 1832-1959
Irwin County Death Dates

Jackson Co.

Northeast Georgia Obituary Search Engine
Mainstreetnews.com Obituaries
Jackson County Cemetery Inscriptions

Jasper Co.

Jasper County Cemetery Inscriptions
Jasper County Marriages 1808-1820
Jasper County Marriages 1816-1841
Marriages & Deaths Jasper County Newspapers (1850-1887)
Jasper County Marriages Surname Abstracts
Jasper County Marriages - Thompson surname

Jeff Davis Co.

Jeff Davis County Cemetery Inscriptions

Jefferson Co.

Miscellaneous Jefferson County Obituaries - 2001
Jefferson County Obituaries
Jefferson County Cemetery Inscriptions II
Jefferson County Marriages
Beddingfield Cemetery Inscriptions

Jenkins Co.

Jenkins County Cemetery Inscriptions
More Jenkins County Cemetery Inscriptions

Johnson Co.

Corinth Memorial Cemetery Inscriptions
Johnson County Cemetery Inscriptions II

Jones Co.

Jones County Cemetery Inscriptions
1880 Jones County Mortality Index
Jones County Obituaries 1890-1899
Jones County Obituaries 1900-1921
1850 Jones County Death Index
1860 Jones County Death Index
1919 Jones County Death Index
1920 Jones County Death Index
1921 Jones County Death Index
1922 Jones County Death Index
1923 Jones County Death Index
1924 Jones County Death Index
1925 Jones County Death Index
1926 Jones County Death Index
Georgia Obituary Archive

Lamar Co.

The Herald Gazette
Lamar County Cemetery Inscriptions
Georgia Obituary Archive

Lanier Co.

Lanier County Cemetery Inscriptions

Laurens Co.

Laurens County Cemetery Inscriptions

Liberty Co.

Coastal Courier (also has birth announcements)
Liberty County Cemetery Inscriptions

Lowndes Co.

Valdosta Daily Times Obituaries
Southwestern Georgia Obituary Search Engine

Macon Co.

Amazon: Marriages and Obituaries Macon GA Messenger 1818-1865
Macon County Obituary Collection
Macon County Cemetery Inscriptions
Macon County Cemetery Inscriptions II

Madison Co.

Madison County Obituary Search Engine
Northeast Georgia Obituary Search Engine
Madison County Journal Obituaries
Madison County Journal 1999 Obituaries
Madison County Journal 2000 Obituaries
Madison County Journal 2001 Obituaries
Madison County Journal 2002 Obituaries
Madison County Journal 2003 Obituaries
Madison County Journal 2004 Obituaries
Lord & Stephens Funeral Home Obituaries

Marion Co.

Marion County Cemetery Inscriptions
Marion County Marriages

McDuffie Co.

McDuffie County Cemetery Inscriptions

McIntosh Co.

McInstosh County Cemetery Inscriptions

Meriwether Co.

John Jones Family Cemetery Inscriptions (limited)
Jones-Florence Cemetery Inscriptions (limited)
Stozier Family Cemetery Inscriptions

Mitchell Co.

Mitchell County Obituary Search

Monroe Co.

Monroe County Cemetery Inscriptions
Monroe County Grooms Index
Monroe County Brides Index

Montgomery Co.

Montgomery County Cemeteries
Montgomery County Obituaries

Muscogee Co.

The Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Obituary Archives 1994-Present
1919 Muscogee County Death Index
1920 Muscogee County Death Index
1921 Muscogee County Death Index
1922 Muscogee County Death Index

Oconee Co.

Lord & Stephens Funeral Home Obituaries

Oglethorpe Co.

Lord & Stephens Funeral Home Obituaries

Paulding Co.

1919 Paulding County Death Index
1920 Paulding County Death Index
1921 Paulding County Death Index
1922 Paulding County Death Index

Pickens Co.

Pickens County Obituaries 1997-1999
Pickens County Marriages
Georgia Obituary Collection - Pickens County
Miscellaneous Pickens County Obituaries I
Miscellaneous Pickens County Obituaries II
Georgia Obituary Archive

Pierce Co.

The Blackshear Times Obituaries
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Pierce County Obituaries 8
Pierce County Cemetery Inscriptions
Pierce County Tombstone Inscription Page

Pike Co.

Pike County Obituaries

Polk Co.

Polk County Obituary Search Engine
Polk County Obituaries I
Polk County Obituaries II
Polk County Cemeteries
Polk County Georgia Certificates 1951-1965

Pulaski Co.

Orange Hill Cemetery Inscriptions

Putnam Co.

The Eatonton Messenger Obituaries

Quitman Co.

1919-1930 Death Records Search Engine
Quitman County 1919 Death Records Index
Quitman County 1920 Death Records Index
Quitman County 1870 Mortality Schedule
Quitman County 1880 Mortality Schedule

Randolph Co.

Randolph County Obituaries
1850 Mortality Schedule
1870 Mortality Schedule
1880 Mortality Schedule

Richmond Co.

Augusta Chronicle
The Augusta Chronicle Obituary Archives 1994-Present
Augusta Chronicle Vital Records Database
Richmond County (Augusta Chronicle) Obituary Search Engine
Summerville Cemetery Inscriptions (limited)
Georgia Obituary Archive

Schley Co.

1919 Schley County Death Index
1920 Schley County Death Index
1921 Schley County Death Index
1922 Schley County Death Index
Georgia Obituary Archive

Seminole Co.

Seminole County Obituaries
Decatur & Seminole County Death Records Search Engine
Seminole County Death Index 1921-1924
Georgia Obituary Archive

Spalding Co.

Spalding County Obituaries
Miscellaneous Spalding County Obituaries I
Miscellaneous Spalding County Obituaries II
Miscellaneous Spalding County Deaths I
Miscellaneous Spalding County Deaths II

Stephens Co.

Stephens County Deaths (FTP archives)
Georgia Obituary Archive

Stewart Co.

Stewart County Obituaries

Georgia Obituary Archive

Sumter Co.

Americus Times Records Obituaries
Southwestern Georgia Obituary Search Engine
Sumter County Marriages

Tattnall Co.

Tattnall County Obituary Collection
Tattnall County Obituary Search Engine
Miscellaneous Early Tattnall County Marriages

Taylor Co.

Prosperity Obituaries Taylor County
New Prospect Cemetery Inscriptions
Taylor County Obituaries
Taylor County Cemetery Inscriptions
Taylor County Marriages

Telfair Co.

Telfair County Cemetery Inscriptions I
Georgia Obituary Archive

Terrell Co.

1919-1930 Death Records Search Engine
Terrell County Obituaries
1860 Mortality Schedule
1870 Mortality Schedule
1880 Mortality Schedule
Georgia Obituary Archive

Thomas Co.

Thomasville Times Enterprise
Southwestern Georgia Obituary Search Engine
Some Thomas County Marriages
Allen and Allen Funeral Home Obituaries

Tift Co.

Tifton Gazette Obituaries
Southwestern Georgia Obituary Search Engine

Toombs Co.

Toombs County Obituaries
Hardens Chapel Cemetery Inscriptions
McCorkle Cemetery Inscriptions
New Smyrna Methodist Church Cemetery Inscriptions
Old Smyrna Cemetery Inscriptions

Troup Co.

LaGrange Daily News
Georgia Obituary Archive

Twiggs Co.

1919-1930 Death Records
Georgia Obituary Archive

Union Co.

Union County Obituaries - 2000
Union County Obituaries - 2001
Union County Obituaries - 2002
Union County Obituaries - 2003
Union County Obituaries - 2004
Union County Cemetery Inscriptions
Union County Marriages

Ware Co.

Waycross Journal-Herald Obituaries

Warren Co.

Warren County Obituaries
Johnson Methodist Church Cemetery Inscriptions (limited)
Old Johnson Cemetery Inscriptions

Washington Co.

Washington County Obituaries
Washington County Cemetery Inscriptions
Georgia Obituary Archive

Wayne Co.

The Press-Sentinel Obituaries
Wayne County Marriages 1900-1925
Wayne County Cemetery Inscriptions

White Co.

White County News-Telegraph Obituaries
White County Obituaries
1880 Mortality Schedule

Whitfield Co.

Ponders Funeral Home Obituaries

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