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Welcome to the Kansas obituaries page, where you will find links, databases, and resources that will help you find obituaries and vital records related information. If you are looking to find a copy of a specific obituary, biographic/public records data, or a copy of the official death certificate from person who died in Kansas, then please follow the following steps:


1 Search the Local Newspapers Archives
Once you have the name, place, and date of death then you can search the local newspapers archives for a copy of the obituary posting. You can access our free list of all the newspapers and their obituary sections for the state of Kansas.
2 Search other Free and Paid Resources
If you do not want to search the local newspapers, then we recommend the following resources and companies, who can provide this information. Many offer both free and paid services which can you help you find obituary and biographic information.
3 Get an Official Death Certificate
If you are looking for an official copy of a death certificate then please read the specific instructions of how to order death certificates.
4 Further Genealogical Research
If you are a genealogist, we also have aggregated a list of genealogy resources by state. You can try these genealogy focused resources, which are organized by county and state.

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Instruction for obtaining a copy of a Kansas Death Certificate

To order Death Certificates you can contact the Kansas Department of Vital Records which is listed below. If you want to order online you can use the following link to order a death certificate.

Death Certificate for Kansas

Event: Death

Cost of copy: $15.00

Office of Vital Statistics
Curtis State Office Building
1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 120
Topeka, Kansas 66612-2221

Remarks: State office has records since July 1911. For earlier records, write to County Clerk in county where event occurred. Additional copies of same record ordered at same time are $15.00 each.

Personal check or money order should be made payable to Vital Statistics. Personal checks are accepted. To verify current fees, the telephone number is (785) 296-1400. This will be a recorded message with the option to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

Directory of Kansas Obituary and Genealogy Resource Links
Below are obituary resource links organized by county. Please contact us if you would like to add your site.

Looking for the obituary section for a local newspaper? Please search through our full list of Kansas Newspapers and access their online obituary sections. Click here to access Kansas Newspapers.
Surname Meanings Database


Kansas Cemetery Inscriptions Search Engine
Kansas Brides Wedding Announcements
The Newton Kansan
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Honor Students Archive - Kansas Students
Death Notices from Kansas Territorial Newspapers, 1854-1861
Kansas Voter Registration Lists, 1854-1856
KS-KIN-L Message Archive (old list)
The Kansas War - A History

Allen Co.

The Iola Register
Gillham Cemetery Inscriptions
Allen County Obituaries and Death Notices

Anderson Co.

Anderson County Obituaries
1999 Anderson County Obituaries
2000 Anderson County Obituaries
Anderson County Marriages 1854-1868
Anderson County Marriages to 1927
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Anderson County Marriages (Recent)

Atchison Co.

Atchison County Obituaries
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Atchison County Obituary Collection

Barber Co.

Barber County Obituary Search Engine
Miscellaneous Barber County Obituaries
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Gyp Hill Premiere
Barber County Obituaries

Barton Co.

Barton County Obituary Search Engine
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - current
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2001 (need Acrobat Reader)
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2002 (need Acrobat Reader)
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2003 (need Acrobat Reader)
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2004 (need Acrobat Reader)
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2005 (need Acrobat Reader)
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2006 (need Acrobat Reader)
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2007 (need Acrobat Reader)
Great Bend Tribune Obituaries - 2008-2009
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Barton County Obituaries and Death Notices
An Index of Barton County Obituaries & Death Notices 1925-1999

Brown Co.

Brown County Deaths 1907 - 1908 - 1909 - 1910 - 1911

Butler Co.

El Dorado Times
Augusta Gazette

Coffey Co.

Coffey County Marriage Records (recent)

Cowley Co.

Cowley County Obituary Search Engine
Winfield Daily Courier - updated link!
Rindt-Erdman Funeral Home Obituaries
Maple City Cemetery Inscriptions

Crawford Co.

Pittsburg Morning Sun - Search Engine
Index to Obituaries in the Pittsburg Morning Sun Newspaper 1975-2004
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Monmouth Cemetery Inscriptions (Partial)
Farlington Cemetery Inscriptions (Partial)

Decatur Co.

Oberlin Herald Online (must have Acrobat Reader to view obituaries)

Dickinson Co.

Abilene Reflector-Chronicle Obituaries

Douglas Co.

Lawrence Journal World Obituaries
The Eudora News Obituaries

Edwards Co.

Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Edwards County Obituaries 8

El Dorado Co.

El Dorado Times

Elk Co.

Grandview Cemetery Inscriptions (Partial)
Longton Cemetery Inscriptions (Partial)

Ellsworth Co.

Independence/Reporter Obituaries
Wilson Cemetery Photos

Finney Co.

Finney County Obituary Archive Search
The Garden City Telegram

Franklin Co.

Franklin County Obituary Index
Dengel & Son Funeral Home Obituaries
Franklin County Marriage Records (recent)

Gove Co.

Gove County Obituaries

Graham Co.

Graham County Obituaries

Greenwood Co.

The Eureka Herald Online
Greenwood County Archives
Greenwood County Obituaries

Harper Co.

Harper County Archives

Harvey Co.

The Newton Kansan (pick date, click on "Obituaries")

Jackson Co.

Holton Recorder Obituaries
Jackson County Obituaries Page 2
Little Cross Creek Cemetery Inscriptions

Jefferson Co.

Jefferson County Archives

Jewell Co.

Obituaries of Jewell County
Miscellaneous Jewell County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Jewell County Obituaries 2

Johnson Co.

Johnson County Obituary Search Engine
Miscellaneous Johnson County Obituaries
Johnson County Obituary and Death Notice Index
Kansas City.com
Johnson County Obituary Index (FTP)
Johnson County Archives
Johnson County Marriage Index 1867-1870 - 1870-1879
Johnson County Marriages 1867-1870 - Book B
Johnson County Marriages 1870-1879 - Book C

Kingman Co.

Early Kingman County Obituaries (Index)

Kiowa Co.

Kiowa County Archives

Labette Co.

Parsons Sun
Harmony Grove Cemetery Inscriptions
Labette County Obituary Index 2000-2005 (A thru B; scroll to bottom for the rest)
Labette County Marriage Index 2000-2005

Leavenworth Co.

Starnes Family Cemetery

Lincoln Co.

Lincoln County Obituary Search Engine
Lincoln County Obituaries

Lyon Co.

Obituary Index 1892-1989 by Robert and Lois HODGE
Obituary Index 1892-1989 by Robert and Lois HODGE
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Lyon County Archives
Early Lyon County Death Records 1885-1891
Early Lyon County Death Records 1892-1899
A.N. Wise and Son Funeral Home Records
Early Lyon County Vital Records
Early Lyon County Marriages
Lyon County Marriages 1885-1887
1860 Mortality Schedule
1870 Mortality Schedule
1880 Mortality Schedule

Marion Co.

Marion County Record

Marshall Co.

Marshall County Obituaries

McPherson Co.

McPherson Sentinel
Stockham Family Funeral Home Obituary Archives

Miami Co.

Miami County Birth Records
Miami County Marriage and Divorce Records
Deaths in Miami County
Johnson's Funeral Home Index A-C - D-G - H-L - M-R - S-Z

Montgomery Co.

Coffeyville Gazette
Montgomery County Obituaries
Montgomery County Marriages

Nemaha Co.

Nemaha County Cemetery Inscriptions

Neosho Co.

Miscellaneous Neosho County Obituaries

Osage Co.

Osage County Marriage Records (recent)
A History of Burlingame

Ottawa Co.

Bennington Cemetery Inscriptions
Minneapolis Messenger Obituaries

Phillips Co.

Phillips County Marriage Records

Pottawatomie Co.

Pottawatomie County Obituaries (people born in 1800's)
Onaga Obituaries Collection
Early Pottawatomie County Marriages

Reno Co.

Hutchinson News
Miscellaneous Reno County Obituaries

Riley Co.

Manhattan Mercury

Rooks Co.

Rooks County Birth Records 1888-1901
Kansas Obituary Archive
Genealogy Obituary Files Library for Kansas
Rooks County Death Records 1888-1901
Rooks County Marriages (Brides) 1874-1891 - 1891-1903
Rooks County Marriages (Grooms) 1874-1891 - 1891-1903

Russell Co.

Russell County Obituaries

Saline Co.

Salina Journal
Ryan Mortuary Obituaries
1870 Mortality Schedule
1880 Mortality Schedule
Graves of Saline County Pioneers

Sedgwick Co.

Wichita Eagle
Wichita Eagle Obituary Index 1955-2001
Index of The Catholic Advance Obituaries
Ark Valley News - North Sedgwick County Archives
Sedgwick County Obituaries
Sedgwick County Cemetery Inscriptions
Branson Cemetery Inscriptions
Mulkey Cemetery Inscriptions
Peotone Cemetery Inscriptions
Union Cemetery Inscriptions
Wichita Death Index 1887-1910
Park Cemetery Inscriptions
Lorraine Mennonite Cemetery Inscriptions
Lutheran (Whitecotton) Cemetery Inscriptions
Maple Grove (Hoss) Cemetery Inscriptions

Shawnee Co.

Capital-Journal Obituaries (Current)

Sherman Co.

Miscellaneous Sherman County Obituaries I
Miscellaneous Sherman County Obituaries II

Sumner Co.

Wellington Daily News
Rose Hill Cemetery Photos

Washington Co.

Haddam and Washington County Obituaries

Woodson Co.

Woodson County Archives

Wyandotte Co.

Kansas City Star

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