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Welcome to the Michigan obituaries page, where you will find links, databases, and resources that will help you find obituaries and vital records related information. If you are looking to find a copy of a specific obituary, biographic/public records data, or a copy of the official death certificate from person who died in Michigan, then please follow the following steps:


1 Search the Local Newspapers Archives
Once you have the name, place, and date of death then you can search the local newspapers archives for a copy of the obituary posting. You can access our free list of all the newspapers and their obituary sections for the state of Michigan.
2 Search other Free and Paid Resources
If you do not want to search the local newspapers, then we recommend the following resources and companies, who can provide this information. Many offer both free and paid services which can you help you find obituary and biographic information.
3 Get an Official Death Certificate
If you are looking for an official copy of a death certificate then please read the specific instructions of how to order death certificates.
4 Further Genealogical Research
If you are a genealogist, we also have aggregated a list of genealogy resources by state. You can try these genealogy focused resources, which are organized by county and state.

Search Tools and Resources

Instruction for obtaining a copy of a Michigan Death Certificate

To order Death Certificates you can contact the Michigan Department of Vital Records which is listed below. If you want to order online you can use the following link to order a death certificate.

Death Certificate for Michigan

Event: Birth or Death

Cost of copy: $26.00

Vital Records Request
P.O. Box 30721
Lansing, MI 48909

Remarks: State office has records of births and deaths that occurred and were filed with the state since 1867. Some of the records (especially pre-1906 births and pre-1897 deaths) were not filed with the state.

Personal check or money order should be made payable to State of Michigan. Fees are $26.00 for the search and first certified copy of any birth, death, marriage, divorce or Affidavit of Parentage. Exception is Senior Citizen ($7.00) requesting their own birth record. Additional copies of any record ordered at the same time are $12.00 each. To request an application the telephone number is (517) 335-8656. This will be a recorded message.

Directory of Michigan Obituary and Genealogy Resource Links
Below are obituary resource links organized by county. Please contact us if you would like to add your site.

Looking for the obituary section for a local newspaper? Please search through our full list of Michigan Newspapers and access their online obituary sections. Click here to access Michigan Newspapers.
Surname Meanings Database


Statewide Obituary Search Engines
Michigan Obituaries and Death Notices Archive
Michigan Obituaries Collection Search Engine
Michigan Cemetery Inscriptions Search Engine
Mortality Schedules
University of Michigan Obituary Search Engine
Michigan GenLookups
Honor Students Archive - Michigan Students
Genealogical Death Indexing System
Miscellaneous Early Michigan Obituaries
Miscellaneous Michigan Obituaries (directory)
Obituaries From The Michigan Chronicle
1870 Michigan Census (Free)


Cher's Mid-Michigan Obituary Archive

Alcona Co.

Alcona County Obituaries

Alger Co.

Alger County Cemetery Inscriptions
Alger County Marriages

Allegan Co.

Holland Sentinel
Allegan County Cemetery Inscriptions
Allegan County Obituaries

Alpena Co.

The Alpena News
Early Alpena Marriages 1871
1870 Alpena Mortality Schedule
1880 Alpena Mortality Schedule

Arenac Co.

Arenac County Obituaries
Arenac County Marriages
Arenac County Marriage Records
Arenac County Marriage Records II
Arenac County Deaths
Arenac County Death Records
Arenac County Death Records II
Arenac County Births
Arenca County Birth Records

Baraga Co.

Reid Funeral Home Obituaries
Baraga County 1880 Mortality Schedule

Barry Co.

Barry County Obituaries
Barry County Marriages
Barry County Death Records Search
Barry County Birth Records Search
Barry County Marriage Records Search
Barry County Cemeteries

Bay Co.

Michigan Live (Bay City)
Gephart Funeral Home

Benzie Co.

Benzie County Recent Deaths
Benzie County Births 1868-1870
1870 Mortality Schedule
Miscellaneous Benzie County Deaths 2000

Berrien Co.

Berrien County, Michigan Obituary Collection
The Herald-Palladium - Archives Search
Legacy Funeral Home Obituaries (Berrien Springs)
Starks-Menchinger Funeral Home Obituaries (St. Joseph)
St. Matthew's Evang. Lutheran Church Death Records (1909-1928)

Branch Co.

The Daily Reporter Obituaries
Branch County Obituaries II

Calhoun Co.

Request A Lookup From Marta
Early Calhoun County Pioneer Obituaries

Cass Co.

Miscellaneous Cass County Obituaries
1860 Mortality Schedule
1881 Necrologist Report
1893 Necrologist Report
1894 Necrologist Report
1895 Necrologist Report

Charlevoix Co.

Charlevoix County Obituaries
Charlevoix County Marriages

Cheboygan Co.

Miscellaneous Cheboygan County, Michigan Obituaries - 1999
Miscellaneous Cheboygan County Obituaries - 2000
Miscellaneous Cheboygan County Obituaries - 2001, 2002
Miscellaneous Cheboygan County Obituaries - 2003
Straitsland Resorter (Indian River) Obituary Index 1999
Straitsland Resorter (Indian River) Obituary Index 2000
Straitsland Resorter (Indian River) Obituary Index 2001
Straitsland Resorter (Indian River) Obituary Index 2002
Straitsland Resorter (Indian River) Obituary Index 2003
Straitsland Resorter (Indian River) Obituary Index 2004
Straitsland Resorter (Indian River) Obituaries
Index of Cheboygan County Marriages 1869-1887
Index of Cheboygan County Marriages 1887-1925
Dibean's Cheboygan County Marriage Index

Chippewa Co.

Sault Ste. Marie Evening News Obituaries
Chippewa County Births
Finnish Cemetery Inscriptions
Old Fort Drummond Cemetery Inscriptions
Seaman Family Cemetery Inscriptions
Detour Catholic Cemetery Inscriptions
Bob Hill Cemetery Inscriptions
Fairview Cemetery Inscriptions
North Raber Cemetery Inscriptions
Goetzville Cemetery Inscriptions
Unknown Cemetery Sault Ste Marie
Maple Grove Cemetery Inscriptions
Wilwalk Cemetery Inscriptions
Bayview Cemetery Inscriptions

Clare Co.

Clare County Obituaries
Clare County Death Records
Clare County Marriage Records
Clare County Births

Clinton Co.

St. John's Independent
Clinton County Obituaries
Clinton County Cemetery Inscriptions
Clinton County Marriage 1868

Crawford Co.

Crawford County Marriage Index

Delta Co.

Delta Reporter Obituaries (1933)
Delta Reporter Obituaries (1993-94)
Delta Reporter Obituaries (1995)
Delta County Marriage Records
Escanaba Morning Press Index

Dickinson Co.

Dickinson County Cemetery Transcripts
Dickinson County Cemetery Inscriptions
Jacobs Funeral Home Obituaries
Dickinson County Marriages

Eaton Co.

Eaton County, Michigan Obituary Collection
Eaton County Death Records
Eaton County Obituaries
1995 Obituaries in the Charlotte Shopping Guide
1996 Obituaries in the Charlotte Shopping Guide
1997 Obituaries in the Charlotte Shopping Guide
1998 Obituaries in the Charlotte Shopping Guide
Eaton County Marriages
Eaton County Cemetery Inscriptions
Eaton County Marriages and Divorces 2003
Eaton County Birth Records

Emmet Co.

Petoskey News-Review
Surname Helper - Emmet County Obituaries
Emmet County Marriages
Emmet County Cemetery Inscriptions

Genesee Co.

Michigan Live (Flint)
Sharp Funeral Homes Obituaries
O'Guinn Funeral Homes Obituaries
Genesee County Obituaries
Genesee County Death Index
Genesee County Cemetery Burials Index
Genesee County Public Data Search

Gladwin Co.

Gladwin County Marriages
Index to Gladwin County Record Obituaries & Death Notices 1878-1990

Grand Traverse Co.

Grand Traverse County Obituary Search Engine
Traverse City Record-Eagle
Grand Traverse County Marriage & Death Records
Index of Obits from the Record Eagle 1986-1992
Grand Traverse County Obituary Index 1994-1997

Gratiot Co.

Gratiot County Marriage Transcription Project
Gratiot County Cemetery Inscriptions
Gratiot County Obituary Index
Gratiot County Marriage Records (from the Dibean Records)

Hillsdale Co.

Hillsdale County Obituaries
Eagle Funeral Homes Obituaries

Houghton Co.

Early 1900 Obituaries from the Mining Gazette (scroll down)
Jackman-Hiltunen Obituary Collection
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 8
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 9
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 10
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 11
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 12
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 13
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 14
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 15
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 16
Miscellaneous Houghton County Obituaries 17
Houghton County Deaths-Ross Collection
Jacques' Family Obituaries From various Copper Country Newspapers
Richards Family Obituaries
Houghton County Marriages A-K - L-Z
Lakeview Cemetery Inscriptions

Huron Co.

Huron Daily Tribune
Champagne Funeral Home Obituaries
New River Cemetery Inscriptions

Ingham Co.

Ingham County, Michigan Obituary Collection
Palmer, Bush, and Jensen Funeral Home Obituaries
Estes Leadley Funeral Home Obituaries
Ingham County Marriage Index

Ionia Co.

Ionia County Obituaries - Dexter Colony
Ionia County Obituaries - Conner Family
Ionia County Obituaries

Iosco Co.

Iosco County, Michigan Obituaries, 1978-90
Iosco County, Michigan, 1892-1949: Tawas Herald Obituaries
Iosco County, Michigan, 1901-99: Esmond-Evergreen Cemetery
Iosco County Obituaries
1870 Mortality Schedule

Iron Co.

Langenberg Funeral Homes Obituaries
Iron County Deaths 1886-1937 - Alternate link

Isabella Co.

Online Vital Statistics for Early Isabella County
Isabella County Cemetery Inscriptions
Helms Funeral Home Obituaries
Clark Funeral Home Obituaries
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries I
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries II
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries III
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries IV
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries V
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries VI
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries VII
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries VIII
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries IX
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries X
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries 1 - Genealogybuff.com
Miscellaneous Isabella County Obituaries 2 - Genealogybuff.com

Jackson Co.

Michigan Live (Jackson)
The Exponent (Brooklyn)
Cemetery Inscription Lookups by Paula
Jackson County Genealogical Society Discussion Group

Kalamazoo Co.

Kalamazoo County Obituary Search Engine
Michigan Live (Kalamazoo)
Betzler Funeral Home Obituaries
Rupert, Durham, Marshall, & Gren Funeral Home Obituaries
Alamo Twp. Death Records 1887-1997

Kalkaska Co.

UpNorthLife.com Obituaries
Kalkaska County Obituary Index Years 1950-1987 A-C
Kalkaska County Obituary Index Years 1950-1987 D-F
Kalkaska County Obituary Index Years 1950-1987 G-J
Kalkaska County Obituary Index Years 1950-1987 K-P
Kalkaska County Obituary Index Years 1950-1987 R-Z

Kent Co.

Matthysse-Kuiper-DeGraaf Funeral Home Obituaries
Michigan Live (Grand Rapids)
Kent County Obituaries 1920 - September 2000 (Index)
Early Kent County Marriages
Early Marriages and Deaths of Village Residents

Keweenaw Co.

Keweenaw County Deaths 1884 - Alternate link
Keweenaw County Marriages 1868-1887
Keweenaw County Births
Evergreen Cemetery Inscriptions

Lapeer Co.

Jansen Funeral Home Obituaries
Dayton Cemetery Inscriptions

Lenawee Co.

Daily Telegram
Lenawee County
Brown Van Hemert Funeral Home Obituaries
Purse Funeral Home Obituaries

Livingston Co.

Livingston County, Michigan Obituary Collection
Brighton Argus & Livingston County Press
Livingston County Death Index 1867-1948
Early Livingston County Marriages

Macomb Co.

Macomb County Obituary Index
Romeo Observer Obituaries
Macomb County Obituaries A-M - N-Z
Old Crowd Memorial List (Deaths, 1880-2001)
Macomb County Deaths
Deaths of Early Macomb County Settlers
Utica Cemetery Inscriptions
Macomb County Death Records Search Engine

Manistee Co.

Manistee County Obituary Search Engine
Miscellaneous Manistee County Obituaries - 1
Miscellaneous Manistee County Obituaries - 2
Miscellaneous Manistee County Obituaries - 3

Marquette Co.

Mining Journal Obituary Archive

Mason Co.

Ludington Daily News
Alexander Rye Funeral Home Obituaries
Miscellaneous Mason County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Mason County Obituaries 2

Mecosta Co.

Miscellaneous Mecosta County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Mecosta County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Mecosta County Obituaries 3

Midland Co.

Midland County Obituaries

Missaukee Co.

Cadillac News
Missaukee County Marriages 1871-1880 - 1881-1887
Missaukee County Marriages (from the Dibean records)
Mortality Schedule-Missaukee County (June 1, 1879 to May 31, 1880)
Missaukee County Cemetery Inscriptions

Monroe Co.

Monroe Evening News
The Guardian Archives
Monroe County Obituary Index 1870
Monroe County Obituary Index 1871
Monroe County Obituary Index 1872
Monroe County Obituary Index 1873
Monroe County Obituary Index 1877
Monroe County Obituary Index 1878
Monroe County Obituary Index 1879

Montcalm Co.

Miscellaneous Montcalm County Obituaries

Muskegon Co.

Michigan Live (Muskegon)

Newaygo Co.

Crandell Funeral Home Obituaries
Times Indicator Obituaries

Oakland Co.

Coats Funeral Home Obituaries
Desmond Funeral Home Obituaries
Gramer Funeral Home Obituaries
Oakland County Death Notices, 1999
Oakland County Death Notices, 2000
Index to Death Notices Found in 19th Century Pontiac Newspapers
Waterford Township Cemetery Index
Oakland County Pioneer Death Index
Index to Marriage Notices Found in 19th Century Pontiac Newspapers
Northville Record
South Lyon Herald
Novi News
Milford Times
Livonia Observer
The Royal Oak Mirror
The Oakland Press

Ontonagon Co.

Ontonagon County Deaths to 1907 - Alternate link
Ontonagon County Marriagess 1880-1887
Ontonagon County Births 1868-1887
Ontonagon County Birth Index 1868-1920

Osceola Co.

Cadillac News Obituaries

Oscoda Co.

The Oscoda Press Obituaries - Archive
Oscoda County Obituaries

Otsego Co.

Nelson Funeral Home Obituaries (Gaylord, MI)
Otsego County Obituaries

Ottawa Co.

Grand Haven Live
Matthysse-Kuiper-DeGraaf Funeral Home Obituaries
Ottawa County Cemetery Inscriptions
Chester Township Cemetery Inscriptions
Coopersville Cemetery Inscriptions

Presque Isle Co.

Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - August 21 - December 31, 1975
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 1976
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 1977
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 1982
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 1997
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 1998
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 1999
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 2000
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 2001
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 2002
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 2003
Obituaries from the Onaway Outlook - 2004

Saginaw Co.

Michigan Live (Saginaw)
Saginaw Obituary Search Archive
Browne's Mortuary Obituary Archive
Saginaw County Death Certificate Search
Saginaw County Marriage Certificate Search

Sanilac Co.

Marlette Leader

Schoolcraft Co.

Schoolcraft County Marriages 1870-1893 - 1885-1889 - 1870-1893
Schoolcraft County Marriages - Dibean Collection
Schoolcraft County Births
Schoolcraft County Death Index

Shiawassee Co.

Shiawassee County Obituaries
Deaths in the City of Laingsburg
Obituaries for Some People Buried in Alton Cemetery
Byron Cemetery Obituaries
Shiawassee County Marriages
Shiawassee County Cemetery Inscriptions
Roselawn Cemetery Inscriptions

St. Clair Co.

WGRT - St. Clair County Obituaries
The Voice News
St. Clair County Obituaries and Deaths
St. Clair County Index to Death Records 1880-1891
St. Clair County Index to Death Records 1890-1932
St. Clair County Index to Death Records 1868-1880
St. Clair County Index to Death Records 1832-1958
St. Clair County Index to Death Records 1959-1974
St. Clair County Marriages Search Engine

St. Joseph Co.

Miscellaneous Deaths Indexed from the Sturgis Journal
St. Joseph County Obituaries

Tuscola Co.

Vassar Pioneer Times
Barb's Tuscola County Obituary Collection
Tuscola Obituaries 1999
Miscellaneous Tuscola County Obituaries
Tuscola County Death Records
Tuscola County Marriages
Cass City Enterprise 1890 (some obits)
Cass City Enterprise 1891 (some obits)
Dayton Cemetery Inscriptions

Van Buren Co.

Van Buren County Obituaries
Van Buren County Obituary Index
Van Buren County Marriage Index

Washtenaw Co.

The Milan News-Leader and Saline Reporter Archives
The Manchester Enterprise Archives
Dolph Funeral Home Records
Janowiak Funeral Home Obituaries (Ypsilanti)
The Chelsea Standard and Dexter Leader Archives
Michigan Live (Ann Arbor)
Washtenaw County Death Records Search
Washtenaw County Marriage Index

Wayne Co.

Miscellaneous Wayne County Obituaries I
Miscellaneous Wayne County Obituaries II
Oakland/Wayne Counties Obituary Search Engine
Detroit Free Press
The Detroit News
The Grosse Ile Camera Archives
The News-Herald Archives
The Belleville View Archives
The News-Herald (Southgate)
Detroit Newspaper Service
Wayne County Vitals

Wexford Co.

Cadillac News
Wexford County Marriages

Wood Co.

Wood County Obituary Index
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