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Welcome to the New Mexico obituaries page, where you will find links, databases, and resources that will help you find obituaries and vital records related information. If you are looking to find a copy of a specific obituary, biographic/public records data, or a copy of the official death certificate from person who died in New Mexico, then please follow the following steps:


1 Search the Local Newspapers Archives
Once you have the name, place, and date of death then you can search the local newspapers archives for a copy of the obituary posting. You can access our free list of all the newspapers and their obituary sections for the state of New Mexico.
2 Search other Free and Paid Resources
If you do not want to search the local newspapers, then we recommend the following resources and companies, who can provide this information. Many offer both free and paid services which can you help you find obituary and biographic information.
3 Get an Official Death Certificate
If you are looking for an official copy of a death certificate then please read the specific instructions of how to order death certificates.
4 Further Genealogical Research
If you are a genealogist, we also have aggregated a list of genealogy resources by state. You can try these genealogy focused resources, which are organized by county and state.

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Instruction for obtaining a copy of a New Mexico Death Certificate

To order Death Certificates you can contact the New Mexico Department of Vital Records which is listed below. If you want to order online you can use the following link to order a death certificate.

Death Certificate for New Mexico

Event: Death

Cost of copy: $5.00

New Mexico Vital Records
P.O. Box 26110
Santa Fe, NM 87502

Remarks: State office has records since 1920 and delayed records since 1880.

Personal check or money order should be made payable to NM Vital Records. To verify current fees, the telephone number is 1-866-534-0051.

Directory of New Mexico Obituary and Genealogy Resource Links
Below are obituary resource links organized by county. Please contact us if you would like to add your site.

Looking for the obituary section for a local newspaper? Please search through our full list of New Mexico Newspapers and access their online obituary sections. Click here to access New Mexico Newspapers.
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Bernalillo Co.

The Albuquerque Journal
The Albuquerque Journal Obituary Search Engine
Bernalillo County Obituaries - July 1998
Bernalillo County Obituaries - August 1998
Bernalillo County Obituaries - September 1998
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 8
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 9
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Obituaries 10
Mt. Calvary Cemetery Inscriptions
Santa Barbara Cemetery Inscriptions
Miscellaneous Bernalillo County Cemetery Inscriptions
Sanchez Family Cemetery Inscriptions
Gate of Heaven Cemetery Inscriptions
Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery Inscriptions

Catron Co.

Catron County Cemetery Inscriptions
Apache Creek Cemetery Inscriptions

Chaves Co.

Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 8
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 9
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 10
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 11
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 12
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 13
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 14
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 15
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 16
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 17
Miscellaneous Chaves County Obituaries 18
Chaves County Deaths 1903-1907
Chaves County Deaths 1908
Chaves County Births 1903-1907
Chaves County Births 1908
Acme #2 Cemetery Inscriptions

Cibola Co.

Cibola County Cemetery Inscriptions
Cibola County Archives

Curry Co.

Curry County Obituary Index Search Engine
Miscellaneous Curry County Obituaries
Clovis News Journal Obituaries (Current)
Clovis News Journal Obituaries (Archived)
Curry County Cemetery Inscriptions

De Baca Co.

De Baca County Archives
De Baca County Cemetery Inscriptions

Doña Ana Co.

Doña Ana County Obituaries
Doña Ana Area Obituaries
Las Cruces Sun-News
Doña Ana County Archives
Register of Deaths, Doña Ana County, 1907-1919

Eddy Co.

Eddy County Obituary Search Engine
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 8
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 9
Miscellaneous Eddy County Obituaries 10

Grant Co.

The Silver City Daily Press Obituaries
Grant County Archives

Guadalupe Co.

Guadalupe County Archives
Guadalupe County Cemetery Inscriptions

Harding Co.

Obituaries from Harding County

Hidalgo Co.

Hidalgo County Archives

Lea Co.

Hobbs News-Sun
Lovington Daily Leader
Lea County Archives
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 8
Miscellaneous Lea County Obituaries 9
Lea County Cemetery Inscriptions

Lincoln Co.

Miscellaneous Lincoln County Obituaries
Lincoln County Early Deaths

Los Alamos Co.

Los Alamos Monitor

Luna Co.

Deming Headlight Obituaries
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Luna County Obituaries 8

McKinley Co.

McKinley County Archives

Mora Co.

Mora County Archives

Otero Co.

Alamogordo Daily News
Avis Cemetery Inscriptions

Quay Co.

Quay County Archives
Quay County Cemetery Inscriptions

Rio Arriba Co.

Rio Arriba County Archives

Roosevelt Co.

Portales News-Tribune Obituaries
Mt. Zion Cemetery Inscriptions
Roosevelt County, NM, Deaths, 1909?1918
Causey Cemetery Inscriptions
Bynum Square, Elida, NM Cemetery Inscriptions
Osborn Square, Elida, NM Cemetery Inscriptions
Inez Cemetery Inscriptions
Longs Cemetery Inscriptions
Mt. Zion Cemetery Inscriptions
New Hope Cemetery Inscriptions
Rest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery Inscriptions
Richland Cemetery Inscriptions
Roebuck Cemetery Inscriptions

Sandoval Co.

Sandoval County Archives
Miscellaneous Sandoval County Obituaries

San Juan Co.

The Daily Times
Miscellaneous San Juan County Obituaries

San Miguel Co.

San Miguel County Archives

Santa Fe Co.

Santa Fe County Archives
Berardinelli Funeral Home Obituaries
Miscellaneous Santa Fe County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Santa Fe County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Santa Fe County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Santa Fe County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Santa Fe County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Santa Fe County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Santa Fe County Obituaries 7

Sierra Co.

The Herald Online
Miscellaneous Sierra County Obituaries

Socorro Co.

Socorro County Archives

Taos Co.

Taos County Archives

Union Co.

Union County Archives
Union County Cemetery Inscriptions and Obituaries

Valencia Co.

Miscellaneous Valencia County Obituaries

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