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Welcome to the Rhode Island obituaries page, where you will find links, databases, and resources that will help you find obituaries and vital records related information. If you are looking to find a copy of a specific obituary, biographic/public records data, or a copy of the official death certificate from person who died in Rhode Island, then please follow the following steps:


1 Search the Local Newspapers Archives
Once you have the name, place, and date of death then you can search the local newspapers archives for a copy of the obituary posting. You can access our free list of all the newspapers and their obituary sections for the state of Rhode Island.
2 Search other Free and Paid Resources
If you do not want to search the local newspapers, then we recommend the following resources and companies, who can provide this information. Many offer both free and paid services which can you help you find obituary and biographic information.
3 Get an Official Death Certificate
If you are looking for an official copy of a death certificate then please read the specific instructions of how to order death certificates.
4 Further Genealogical Research
If you are a genealogist, we also have aggregated a list of genealogy resources by state. You can try these genealogy focused resources, which are organized by county and state.

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Instruction for obtaining a copy of a Rhode Island Death Certificate

To order Death Certificates you can contact the Rhode Island Department of Vital Records which is listed below. If you want to order online you can use the following link to order a death certificate.

Death Certificate for Rhode Island

Event: Birth or death

Cost of copy: $20.00

RI Department of Health
Office of Vital Records, Room 101
3 Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02908-5097

Remarks: State office keeps birth and marriage records for 100 years and keeps death records for 50 years. In general, copies can be obtained at the time of the occurrence. Additional copies of the same record ordered at the same time are $15.00 each.

Information for city/town addresses are available via the Rhode Island Department of Health, Office of Vital Records website.

For earlier records, write to the city/town clerk where the event occurred or to the Rhode Island State Archives, 337 Westminster Street, Providence RI 02903

Personal check or money order should be made payable to General Treasurer, State of Rhode Island. To verify current fees after office hours, the telephone number is (401) 222-2811. This will be a recorded message. To verify current fees and general information during office hours, please call the Health Hot Line at (401) 222-5960.

Directory of Rhode Island Obituary and Resource Links

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