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Welcome to the Tennessee obituaries page, where you will find links, databases, and resources that will help you find obituaries and vital records related information. If you are looking to find a copy of a specific obituary, biographic/public records data, or a copy of the official death certificate from person who died in Tennessee, then please follow the following steps:


1 Search the Local Newspapers Archives
Once you have the name, place, and date of death then you can search the local newspapers archives for a copy of the obituary posting. You can access our free list of all the newspapers and their obituary sections for the state of Tennessee.
2 Search other Free and Paid Resources
If you do not want to search the local newspapers, then we recommend the following resources and companies, who can provide this information. Many offer both free and paid services which can you help you find obituary and biographic information.
3 Get an Official Death Certificate
If you are looking for an official copy of a death certificate then please read the specific instructions of how to order death certificates.
4 Further Genealogical Research
If you are a genealogist, we also have aggregated a list of genealogy resources by state. You can try these genealogy focused resources, which are organized by county and state.

Search Tools and Resources

Instruction for obtaining a copy of a Tennessee Death Certificate

To order Death Certificates you can contact the Tennessee Department of Vital Records which is listed below. If you want to order online you can use the following link to order a death certificate.

Death Certificate for Tennessee

Event: Death

Cost of copy: $7.00

Tennessee Vital Records
Central Services Building
421 5th Avenue, North
Nashville, TN 37247

Remarks: Vital Records Office keeps death records for 50 years; older records are maintained by Tennessee Library and Archives, Archives Division, Nashville, TN 37243-0312.

Personal check or money order should be made payable to Tennessee Vital Records. To verify current fees, the telephone number is (615) 741-1763.

Directory of Tennessee Obituary and Genealogy Resource Links
Below are obituary resource links organized by county. Please contact us if you would like to add your site.

Looking for the obituary section for a local newspaper? Please search through our full list of Tennessee Newspapers and access their online obituary sections. Click here to access Tennessee Newspapers.
Surname Meanings Database


Statewide Obituary Search Engines
Eastern Tennessee Counties Obituary Collection
Western Tennessee Counties Obituary Collection
CemSEARCH - Tennessee Cemetery Inscription Search Engine
Tennessee Obituary and Death Notice Archive
Tennessee Marriages Index
Miscellaneous Tennessee Records
Honor Students Archive - Tennessee Students
Mortality Schedules
Amazon: Obituaries from Tennessee Newspapers, 1851-1899
Tennessee State Archives Search Engine (contextual results!)
Early Tennessee Marriage Records Search Engine
Tennesee Death Index 1914-1925
Obituaries from Northern Middle Tennessee
Index to Tennessee Death Records 1908-1912 - Alternate link
Tennessee Freedmen Marriages 1861-1869
Tennessee GenLookups
Southeastern Genealogical Research

Anderson Co.

Anderson County Obituary Search Engine
The Oak Ridger
Anderson Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Anderson County Cemetery Inscriptions

Bedford Co.

The Shelbyville Times-Gazette
Bedford County Cemetery Inscriptions
Bedford County Marriages
New Providence Church Marriages
Bedford County Marriage Records

Benton Co.

Benton County Cemetery Inscriptions
Benton County Marriages

Bledsoe Co.

Bledsoe Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Bledsoe County Cemetery Inscriptions

Blount Co.

Blount County Obituary Collection
The Daily Times Obituary Search
Blount County Marriage Announcement Search
Blount County Funeral Home Records Index
Blount Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Blount County Cemetery Inscriptions
The Maryville Enterprise Index to Obituaries 1906-1960

Bradley Co.

Cleveland Daily Banner
Bradley Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Buckner Funeral Home Obituaries

Campbell Co.

LaFollette Press
Campbell County Death Certificate Index 1908-1912
Campbell County Death Index 1914-1925
Recent Obituaries from the LaFollette Press
Campbell County Cemetery Inscriptions
Campbell County - Miscellaneous Marriage Permit Announcements
Campbell County Tombstone Project
Campbell County Marriage Database
Request for Marriage Lookup from Campbell County 1839-1881

Cannon Co.

Cannon County Obituaries (several archives!)
Marriages in Cannon and Wilson Counties

Carroll Co.

Carroll County Obituary Search Engine
McKenzie Banner - link fixed!
Miscellaneous Carroll County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Carroll County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Carroll County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Carroll County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Carroll County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Carroll County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Carroll County Obituaries 7

Carter Co.

Carter County Obituary Collection
Carter County Obituary Search Engine I
Carter County Obituary Search Engine II
Star Online
Carter Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Early Carter County Marriages

Cheatham Co.

The Ashland City Times Obituaries

Claiborne Co.

Claiborne Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Claiborne County Cemetery Inscriptions

Cocke Co.

Cocke County Obituary Search Engine
Cocke Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Coffee Co.

Coffee County Obituaries and Cemetery Inscriptions (Free Lookups)
Manchester Funeral Home Obituary Archives

Crockett Co.

Crockett County Deaths 1925
Crockett County Vitals FTP Directory

Cumberland Co.

Cumberland County Obituary Search Engine
Crossville Chronicle
Cumberland Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Davidson Co.

Nashville Local History Indexes Obituary Name Search
Nashville Local History Indexes Marriages Search
Greer Cemetery - Nashville
Miscellaneous Davidson County Marriages

Decatur Co.

Decatur County Chronicle Obituaries

DeKalb Co.

WJLE Radio Station

Dickson Co.

Dickson Herald Obituaries
Dickson County Marriages
Dickson County Cemetery Inscriptions
Dickson County Cemetery Inscriptions II
Dickson County Cemetery Inscriptions III

Dyer Co.

Dyer County Obituary Search Engine
Dyer County Obituaries
Dyer County Obituaries

Fayette Co.

Fayette County Review
Miscellaneous Fayette County Obituaries I
Miscellaneous Fayette County Obituaries II

Fentress Co.

Fentress County Obituary Collection
Fentress Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Franklin Co.

Franklin Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Franklin County Marriages

Gibson Co.

Gibson County Obituaries from 1921
Gibson County Obituaries from 1923
Gibson County Cemetery Inscriptions
Gibson County Marriages
Old Shiloh Burial Grounds Cemetery Inscriptions
Pleasant Green "Cribbs" Campground Cemetery Inscriptions
Gibson County Marriages II

Giles Co.

Giles County Obituaries
Giles County Death Records
Giles County Cemetery Inscriptions

Grainger Co.

Grainger Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Shiloh Cemetery Inscriptions - Rutledge

Greene Co.

Greene County Online Obituaries Search
Greene Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Greene County Marriages
Greene County, Tennessee Cemetery Records

Grundy Co.

Grundy County Marriages 1850-1874

Hamblen Co.

Hamblen County Obituary Collection
Hamblen Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Citizen Tribune Online Archives

Hamilton Co.

Hamilton County Obituary Search Engine
Early Hamilton County Obituaries
Chattanooga-Hamilton Co. Bicentennial Library
(Archive 1897-1970 1989-1997)
Hamilton County Cemetery Inscriptions

Hancock Co.

Hancock Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Hardeman Co.

Ebenezer Cemetery (Chalybeate), Hardeman Co., TN

Hardin Co.

Hooker's Bend Miscellaneous Obituaries

Hawkins Co.

Hawkins County Obituary Search Engine
Hawkins Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Hawkins County Online Obituaries

Haywood Co.

Haywood County Death Index 1996-1997

Henderson Co.

Pafford Funeral Home Obituaries
Misc. Henderson County, TN Marriage Records 1893-1915

Henry Co.

Henry County Obituary Search Engine

Houston Co.

Houston County Obituaries

Jackson Co.

Herald Citizen

James Co.

James Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Jefferson Co.

Jefferson Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Jefferson County Marriages

Johnson Co.

Johnson County Obituaries
The Tomahawk Obituaries

Knox Co.

Knox County Obituary Collection
Berry Funeral Home
Recent Obituaries from the Knoxville News Sentinel
Knox County Archives (Deaths, Marriages, Births)
Hickory Creek/Mt. Pleasant Church Cemetery Inscriptions
Shady Grove Cemetery Inscriptions

Lauderdale Co.

Lauderdale County Obituaries
Lauderdale County Obituaries
Lauderdale County Marriages
Hall's Funeral Home Records
Hall's Funeral Home Records (D-H)
Hall's Funeral Home Records (mixed)
Hall's Funeral Home Records (mixed 2)
Hall's Funeral Home Records (mixed 3)
Hall's Funeral Home Records (mixed 4)
Lauderdale County Miscellaneous Deaths (Vitals)
Burgess & Peters Funeral Home 1930-1931
Burgess & Peters Funeral Home 1933 (1st half)
Burgess & Peters Funeral Home 1933-1934
Burgess & Peters Funeral Home 1933-1935
Burgess & Peters Funeral Home 1939-1945
Garner Funeral Home Records
Curry Funeral Home Records (Lauderdale citizens who died in Dyer Co.)

Lawrence Co.

Lawrence County Marriages
Lawrence County Marriages 1832-1838

Lincoln Co.

Lincoln County Obituary Search Engine
Lincoln County Obituaries (2001)
Lincoln County Marriages Search Engine

Loudon Co.

Loudon County Obituary Collection
Loudon County Obituary Search Engine
Click Funeral Home Obituaries
Loudon Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Loudon County Cemetery Inscriptions (scroll down)
Loudon County, Tennessee Cemetery Inscriptions

Madison Co.

1850 Madison County Mortality Schedule

Marion Co.

Marion Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Marshall Co.

Marshall Gazette/Lewisburg Tribune Obituaries
Bills-McGaugh Funeral Home Obituaries
Miscellaneous Marshall County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Marshall County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Marshall County Obituaries 3

Maury Co.

The Columbia Daily Herald
Maury County Obituaries
Oakes & Nichols Funeral Home Obituaries
Request A Lookup From Linda

McMinn Co.

Daily Post-Athenian Obituaries
McMinn Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

McNair Co.

McNair County Obituary Search Engine

Meigs Co.

Meigs Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Meigs County Marriages

Monroe Co.

Monroe County Obituary Search Engine
Obituaries with Monroe County, Tennessee Ties
Monroe County Death Notices
Monroe County Death Records
Monroe County Marriage Records
Monroe Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Montgomery Co.

Montgomery County Obituaries
Early Montgomery County Marriages
Montgomery County Marriages 1752-1854
Montgomery County Cemetery Inscriptions
More Montgomery County Cemetery Inscriptions
Montgomery County Death Notices

Morgan Co.

Morgan County Obituary Archive
Morgan Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Overton Co.

Overton County Obituary Search Engine
Overton County News Obituaries

Polk Co.

Polk Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Polk County Marriages
Polk County Marriage Records

Putnam Co.

The Herald-Citizen
Putnam County Deaths 1903
Putnam County Deaths 1904
Putnam County Deaths 1905
Putnam County Deaths 1906
Putnam County Deaths 1907
Putnam County Deaths 1908
Putnam County Deaths 1909

Rhea Co.

Rhea County Obituary Collection
Rhea County Obituary Search Engine
Rhea Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Miscellaneous Rhea County Obituaries

Roane Co.

Roane County Obituary Index
Roane County News Obituaries
Roane County Obituary Indeces
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 6
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 7
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 8
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 9
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 10
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 11
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 12
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 13
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 14
Miscellaneous Roane County Obituaries 15
Roane County Marriages
Roane County Births 1881
Roane County Death Certificates
Marriages and Births From Roane County Papers 1900-1906
Roane Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Ambrose Cemetery Inscriptions
Abbott Cemetery Photos
Cave Creek Cemetery Photos
Tennessee Missionary Baptist Cemetery Photos
Oral Cemetery Photos

Robertson Co.

Robertson County Obituary Collection
Robertson County Times Obituaries

Rutherford Co.

Rutherford County Obituary Collection
Rutherford County Obituary Search Engine
The Brentwood Journal Online
The Smithville Review Online
The Southern Standard
The Rutherford Courier
Scales & Sons Funeral Home Obituaries
Rutherford County Marriages

Scott Co.

Scott County Obituary Search Engine
WBNT Obituaries
Scott Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
Scott County, Tennessee Death Records, 1901-1968

Sequatchie Co.

Sequatchie Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Sevier Co.

Seymour Herald Current Obituaries - Archives
Sevier Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
1850 Mortality Schedule
1860 Mortality Schedule

Shelby Co.

Shelby County Obituary Collection
The Commercial Appeal
Miscellaneous Shelby County Obituaries I
Miscellaneous Shelby County Obituaries II
Miscellaneous Shelby County Obituaries III
Shelby County Death Certificates 1902-1939
Shelby County Obituary Search Engine

Smith Co.

Miscellaneous Smith County Obituaries 1
Miscellaneous Smith County Obituaries 2
Miscellaneous Smith County Obituaries 3
Miscellaneous Smith County Obituaries 4
Miscellaneous Smith County Obituaries 5
Miscellaneous Smith County Obituaries 6

Stewart Co.

Stewart County Obituaries
Stewart County Cemetery Inscriptions

Sullivan Co. and Northeast Tennessee

The Times-News
Sullivan County Obituary Search

Sumner Co.

Gallatin News Examiner Obituaries
Hendersonville Star News Obituaries
Sumner County, TN Death Records (1881-1882, 1908-1912)
Early Sumner County Marriage Records Through 1850
Sumner County Cemetery Index
Wilkinson-Wiseman Funeral Records (Older)
Wilkinson-Wiseman Funeral Records (Current)

Unicoi Co.

Unicoi Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Union Co.

Union Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925

Van Buren Co.

Van Buren County Obituaries

Warren Co.

Southern Standard (click on Obituaries)
Warren County Obituary Book (1867-1934) (for sale)
Warren County Obituary Book (1935-1940) (for sale)
Warren County Obituaries - link fixed!
1850 Mortality Schedule Of Warren County

Washington Co.

Johnson City Star
Washington County Marriages

Wayne Co.

Wayne County Obituaries
Wayne County Death Records
Wayne County Death Records 1881-1883
Wayne County Cemetery Inscriptions

Weakley Co.

Weakley County Obituary Search Engine
Weakley County Obituaries
Dresden Enterprise Obituaries
Gleason Online Obituaries
Weakley County Cemeteries
Weakley County Mortality Schedules 1850-1860-1870

White Co.

The Expositor
White Co. Tennessee Death Index 1914-1925
White County Cemeteries
1850 White County Mortality Schedule
Early White County Marriages

Williamson Co.

The Review Appeal
The Fairview Observer

Wilson Co.

Wilson County Obituaries
Wilson County Marriages 1733-1809
Persons Buried in Wilson County
Marriages in Cannon and Wilson Counties

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